Inland Empire Outlook

Economic and political analyses focusing on the Inland Empire.

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2024 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – IE Logistics: Ports, Airport, Warehouses
Freight Gateway | ONT  – Cargo Hub | IE Warehousing | IE Primary Races | Proposition 1


2023 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Ontario Airport Soars
San Bernardino’s Exit from Municipal Bankruptcy | Ghost Guns in CA | Ontario Airport Roars Back

2023 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – California’s Electric Vehicle Future
California’s Push To Electric Vehicles | Realignment, Recidivism, and Crime | Opioid Harm Reduction

2023 Spring Inland Empire Outlook: Special Report on Housing

2022 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Decision 2022
Video Voter Guide | San Bernardino County Secession Measure | COVID-19, School Closure and Learning Loss | New Rules for Concealed Carry

2022 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – IE Covid Recovery Spending
Covid Recovery Spending | Covid, Maternal Employment and AB131 | Inclusionary Housing Ordinances and Housing Production | Variable Attitudes on Housing Market Regulation

2021 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – IE Census Data First Look & 2021 Recall
A First Look at IE Census Data | CA Recall History | 2021 Recall Results | CA & NY Survey

2020 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Inland Empire Counts
Video Voter | Reapportionment in the Supreme Court | Population and Reapportionment | Counting the Inland Empire | Counting the Homeless

2019 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Narrowing the Health Gap
Narrowing the Health Gap | SB535: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund | Sanctuary Cities

2019 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – Housing in the Inland Empire  
IE Housing Market Snapshot | Choking California’s Housing Supply  | SB 827: Down But Maybe Not Out | Rent Control

2018 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Decision 2018
 – Video Voter Series: A Guide to California Ballot Measures | Time Served in State Prisons for Serious Offenses: 1981-2009  |  Proposition 64 in SoCal  |  IE Job Market Snapshot

2018 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – Trends and Challenges
– Amazon in the Inland Empire | Vergara v. California: Educational Equality in CA | Poverty and Special Education Placement | California’s $15 Minimum Wage

2017 Fall Inland Empire Outlook
Riverside County’s New CEO Has Big Plans  | Things Are Looking Up in the IE  | Legal Challenges Facing Nonclassroom-based Charters in CA

2017 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – We Remember
California’s Many and Varied Attacks  | A Coordinated Response: Law Enforcement Response to the San Bernardino Attack  | Emergency Medical Response  | Legislative Responses to Terrorism: California’s History

2016 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Decision 2016
A Guide to California Ballot Measures  | Local Control Funding Formula  | Employment in the Inland Empire  | Prop 58 and Bilingual Education  | Robust Renewables

2016 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – ONT Free at Last
Timeline on ONT  | Conversation with the OIAA Board  | Challenges Remain  | Logistics

2015 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Clear Skies
Ontario Airport Comes Home  | IE Housing Market Continues Recovery  | Good Job Numbers  | Many Lives of March ARB

2015 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – Inland Innovation
Body Cameras  | Six Degrees of (State) Separation  | Human Capital Index for the IE  | Riverside Renaissance

2014 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Inland Empire Challenges
– San Bernardino: Two Years into Bankruptcy  | Ignition… Lift Off?  | Tough Start for IE’s Newest Cities  | Continued Recovery or the Next Recession?

2014 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – Big Changes for Corrections
– Prison Realignment  | Recovery Gap  | Life is a Crowded Highway  | Water in the IE

2013 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Clouds on the Horizon
 Pension Liabilities  | Raising Minimum Wages and Teens  | Stuck in Second Gear  | Colton Crossing: Public-Private Partnerships

2013 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – New Political Geography
 A Revobluetion: New Political Geography  | Real Estate Market  | Health Care in Riverside County  | Redevelopment Agencies

2012 Fall Inland Empire Outlook  – Sober News from San Bernardino
Municipal Bankruptcy  | Real GDP at MSA Level  | Housing Market Signs of Recovery  | Changes in the Air at ONT  | Council of Governments: SANBAG and SCAG

2012 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – Solid Employment Gains
IE Strikes Back (Economic Development)  | Effective Councils of Government in the IE  | Professional Football in SoCal?  | Coachella Valley: Municipal Revenue Uptick

2011 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Waiting For Recovery
Unemployment  | 2010 Census  | New Maps, Big Changes  | Great Recession: Not So Great Recovery  | Contract Cities: An Alternative Model

2011 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – Working Toward A Recovery
ONT: in Crisis and at a Crossroads  | First Look at IE Census  | Great Recession’s Impact  | Renewable Energy’s Future  | Redevelopment Authorities Under Fire  | Stagnation and Recovery of the Housing Market

2010 Fall Inland Empire Outlook – Rebuilding After The Recession
Great Recession: Toll on IE Jobs  | How Exports Can Revive the IE Economy  | New Medical School  | IE District Poised to Elect Tea Party Candidate?

2010 Spring Inland Empire Outlook – Looking To The Long Term
Economic Indicators  | Riverside-An Innovative ‘Capital City’  | Trends in Commercial Real Estate  | Recent Trends in Logistics  | Agua Caliente Seeks to Diversify  | IE State Legislative Races in 2010

2010 Winter Inland Empire Outlook – A Time Of Crisis And Of Promise
– Unemployment in the Great Recession  | IE’s Macroeconomics  | Housing Crisis Continues  | Trade Gateway of SoCal  | Ontario: The New Urban Center  | Increased Population Means More Reps | Congressional Races to Watch in 2010  | Cost of (Census) Undercount