Single-Payer, Many Obstacles: Californian Health Care Reform

by William Frankel[1]  | May 22, 2018 Of the 25 wealthiest countries in the world, the United States is the only one without universal health care coverage.[2] California Senate Bill 562, known as the Healthy California Act, intended “to establish a comprehensive universal single-payer health care coverage program and a health care cost control system… Continue Reading

Katie Hill receives the 2018 George Blair Award

Katie Hill has been selected as the recipient of the George S. Blair Award for State and Local Government for her aptitude for, and her written thesis on, state and local government. This award is noted in the Commencement Program. She earned this award for her major contributions in many Rose Institute projects including the… Continue Reading

Melissa Muller named Fulbright Scholar

The Rose Institute is  proud to announce that former Student Manager Melissa Muller ’18 has been named the recipient of a Fulbright U.S. Student Research Grant to Germany for 2018-2019. She will be moving to Heidelberg, Germany  to research constitutional patriotism in German political rhetoric from reunification to today. Melissa graduated Phi Beta Kappa with… Continue Reading

Federalism in the Trump White House

                      In this chapter of Federalism, Ellen Lempres ’18 explores how Trump’s presidency and other leadership changes since the 2016 election have affected issues of marijuana, the Clean Power Plan, Common Core, the Affordable Care Act, and immigration. Click here to read the publication. Continue Reading

Competitive Districts

Competitive Districts

In a revealing new report, Rose research assistants Kathryn Ridenour ’18 and Nick Fedorochko ’19 investigate campaign spending behaviors in California’s 2014 elections. Among the findings, Ridenour and Fedorochko discovered that over $132 million was spent on the 2014 races, and the candidate with the highest spending won their race 87% of the time. Fedorochko… Continue Reading

2016-2017 Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey

Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey Kosmont Companies, a well-known Los Angeles business and real estate advisory group, published the first edition of the Cost of Doing Business Survey in 1995. The publication contained a vast amount of data about fees, taxes, costs, and incentives that influence the cost of doing business in major… Continue Reading

Rose students present research at SCCUR

Rose students present research at SCCUR

On Saturday, November 18, several Rose Institute students presented their research projects at the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) held at Cal Poly Pomona.  Kathryn Ridenour’18 presented her research with Nick Federochko’19 on Competitive Districts; Sophia Helland’20 on the topic of Tribal Courts; Joe Noss on the subject of Criminal Justice, which he has… Continue Reading

O’Grady-Sinclair article gets published

Crashing the party: Advocacy coalitions and the nonpartisan primary Dr. J. Andrew Sinclair and Ian O’Grady first began researching the California’s nonpartisan “top-two” primary system in the fall semester of 2013. Sinclair, a visiting professor at CMC, wrote his dissertation on the topic at Cal Tech, and partnered with the Rose Institute to continue working on… Continue Reading

New Hires 2017 Bios

New Hires 2017 Bios

WELCOME THE NEW HIRES FOR 2017 This year eight freshmen and one sophomore were hired as the newest class of Rose Institute research assistants.  New Hire Project Manager Katie Hill’18 has scheduled a series of training aimed to develop their research skills.  The staff and other students at the Rose Institute welcome them! Elena Castellanos’21… Continue Reading

Class of 2017 Rose Alumni

Congratulations to CMC Class of 2017. The Rose Institute is proud to have been a part of the learning experience of these individuals during their time at CMC: Timothy C.  Plummer – Student Manager 2016-2017 Tim Plummer graduated in May 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Tim is from Upland, CA. At the Rose,… Continue Reading

Federalism: Barriers to the Border Wall and Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Ellen Lempres ’18 and Caroline Peck ’18 have continued the Rose Institute’s federalism series with two new pieces: “Federalism: Sanctuary Jurisdictions” and “Federalism: Barriers to the Border Wall.” “Federalism: Sanctuary Jurisdictions” discusses the history and current political debate surrounding sanctuary jurisdictions. As President Trump approaches his hundredth day in office, he remains staunch in his… Continue Reading

Ian O’Grady’15 awarded the 2017 Marshall Scholarship

Former Rose Institute student manager, Ian E. O’Grady’15, has been named recipient of the prestigious Marshall Scholarship for 2017. He will be pursuing MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government) at Oxford University beginning October of 2017. All of us at the Rose Institute are so proud of Ian, who effectively led a staff of 35 undergraduates… Continue Reading

The 21st Kosmont Cost of Doing Business Survey

On November 14, 2016, the Rose Institute, in collaboration with Kosmont Companies, released its 21st edition of the annual Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey. This survey profiles 305 cities in California and the Western United States, analyzing business fees and taxes, economic opportunity, and relative area costs. The report also includes an Executive… Continue Reading

Rose Review Fall 2016

Rose Review Fall 2016

The Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College has released the Fall 2016 Edition of the Rose Review. This publication features the Director’s Report from Andrew E. Busch, PhD, the Student Managers Update from Tim Plummer ’17 and Tyler Finn ’17, and includes Project Updates from Rose Research Assistants. The issue… Continue Reading

The Rose Institute Introduces the Fall 2016 Inland Empire Outlook

The Rose Institute is pleased to introduce the Fall 2016 edition of the Inland Empire Outlook. This issue includes articles highlighting the new Rose Institute Video Voter Series, renewable energy in California, the local control funding formula in Riverside County, and bilingual education in the Inland Empire. The publication features research articles written by Timothy… Continue Reading

The Rose Institute Releases the 2016 Video Voter Series

October 3, 2016 The Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College today released “Video Voter: A Guide to California’s Ballot Measures.” This year, California voters are faced with 17 statewide measures on issues including abolition of the death penalty, legalization of marijuana, a $2 increase in the cigarette tax, and a… Continue Reading