Spring 2022 IEO and Rose Review published

The most recent issues of the Inland Empire Outlook and the Rose Review have been published, in time for the Institute’s Board of Governors meeting on April 21,

The Inland Empire Outlook Spring 2022 edition features articles submitted by four research assistants as their new hire project proposal and, with assistance from senior staff of the Institute, developed the papers into these articles:

  • Attitudes in Housing Regulation by Thomas Short PO’24
  • Inclusionary Housing Ordinances by Ryan Lenney ’25
  • Covid and Maternal Employment by Nikhil Agarwal ’24
  • IE Covid Recovery Spending by George Ashford ’25

The Rose Review Spring 2022 issue contains:

  • Student management report by our new student managers: Cameron, Desmond, and Tara
  • Updates on current research projects
  • Some off-campus reflections from students who were in the Washington DC program last semeseter or abroad this semester.
  • Farewell messages from our graduating seniors
  • Spotlight on Mike Whatley’11, former Rose Associate Student Manager
  • Spotlight on Frank Tripepi P’96, a member of our Board of Governors since 2004
  • List of speakers this spring semester

We hope you enjoy reading these two articles by the Rose Institute.

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