Rose Redistricting Study Featured in Local Press

The findings of the Rose Institute’s recently released study on the upcoming redistricting in California has been featured in several newspapers in the state and even on one U.S. Representative’s Twitter feed. The study, titled “The 2010 Census and California’s 2011 Redistricting,” was released on December 8th.

On December 9th, the Contra Costa Times published an article called “SB County to pick up seats,” which features quotes from Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson and notes the redistricting gains that the Rose’s report predicts for San Bernardino County. The report found that the county would likely gain about half a state Assembley seat, one quarter of a state Senate seat and one third of a Congressional seat. As the article notes, “that’s not enough to give the county much more clout in Congress or the state Legislature, but it’s enough to shake up many local districts.”

Johnson says, “the number of districts in L.A. and Orange (counties) is likely to go down, and the number in the Inland Empire is likely to go up…Where those districts line up or how they take place will be interesting to watch.” In the article, Johnson analyzes possible solutions to the various redistricting dilemma which the Commission will surely face. He concludes that local input “will be huge in this process.”

On December 8th, The Press Enterprise featured a story titled, “Riverside County: New study sees major redistricting gains.” It highlights how Inland Empire counties are projected to receive increased political weight in the upcoming redistricting thanks to their enormous population gains over the last decade. The article also quotes Rose Institute Board Member Tony Quinn. He says, “”I would not be surprised to see a second Latino seat” in Riverside County. “Both parties really could be competing out there.”

Additionally, Representative Mary Bono Mack (R) linked to the Rose’s study several times from her Twitter page. She specifically referenced the redistricting gains for Riverside County predicted by the study. Bono Mack represents California’s 45th District which is based in Palm Springs and includes most of Central and Eastern Riverside County.

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