Rose’s Douglas Johnson on San Diego County Redistricting

A December 8th story at the San Diego-area KBPS Public Broadcasting quoted Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson on the topic of redistricting in San Diego County. Titled “San Diego County to Keep Firm Hand on Redistricting,” the article discusses how the San Diego County Board of Supervisors plans to continue controlling the redistricting process for their own seats. This is in spite of recent popular action on a state level to have an independent commission conduct redistricting for state and federal offices.

According to Johnson, “San Diego County is no different from many other California counties that conduct redistricting this way…San Diego and Modesto are the only cities to have adopted a different process to make redistricting more independent, and less political. In San Diego, the new redistricting commission was appointed by a panel of three retired Superior Court judges.”

The San Diego County Supervisors will establish a redistricting advisory committee in January and each will have one appointment. Currently, no San Diego supervisor has held office for less than four terms.

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