Rose’s Kosmont Survey Featured in Kiplinger

An October 7th article in Kiplinger featured the findings of the Kosmont-Rose Cost of Doing Business Survey in a story about city governments’ efforts to attract new businesses. As more and more companies consider relocating to lower their costs, the article reports, competition among cities to attract those companies has intensified:

Los Angeles, for example, recently implemented a three-year holiday on business taxes for companies that are new to the city. The tax holiday helps bump L.A. off a list of the top 10 most expensive cities to do business in, though it still falls within the top 20, according to the Kosmont-Rose Institute’s Cost of Doing Business Survey.

City governments are trying equally hard to keep existing businesses in town. But economic incentives are not the only draw: companies also look for an educated workforce, good schools, and other amenities.

The article also included informative Kiplinger slide shows about the Top 10 High-Tax Cities for business and the Top 10 Low-Tax Cities for business. To view excerpts of the Rose Institute study or to order the full report, visit the Kosmont-Rose website.

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