Rose's Kosmont Survey Featured in North County Times

An October 11th article in the North County Times featured the Kosmont-Rose Cost of Doing Business Survey, highlighting San Diego as California’s cheapest area for doing business. The article focused on cities in the San Diego area that the Survey identified as low-cost or high-cost and explained how tax rates have changed in the area over time.

The article also discussed the general economic and fiscal climate in California, quoting Larry Kosmont, President and CEO of Kosmont Companies:

Despite declining budgets, mounting deficits and the resulting pressure to stick businesses with more taxes and fees, San Diego County is ranked as the cheapest area for doing business in California, according to a national survey of business license fees and property taxes.

“In general, when it comes to fees, the cities in San Diego were among the lowest in the state,” Kosmont said.

Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area remain some of the most expensive areas in California. Kosmont couldn’t say whether the latest state budget deal might benefit —- or discourage —- business investment in local communities.

“The state always puts cities on notice. It’s like the uncle who comes over to your house, and you notice some things missing after he leaves,” he said.

This year’s Kosmont-Rose Survey, a year-long production, surveyed 413 cities nationwide to compare the friendliness of their business climates for companies considering doing business in a particular city. To view excerpts of the Rose Institute study or to order the full report, visit the Kosmont-Rose website.

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