Rose's Kosmont Survey featured in San Diego Union Tribune

An October 2nd article in the San Diego Union Tribune featured the Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey in a discussion of San Diego’s business climate.

The article reviewed the Survey’s methodology and its findings pertaining to San Diego. Although the Survey found San Diego County as a whole to be a low-cost area for doing business, its individual cities didn’t make the Top 10 list of least expensive cities in the state. This was in part because cities in San Diego frequently impose fees on new development. Such fees affect their rankings.

The article also focused attention on how municipal tax policies affect business, quoting Rose Institute Fellow David Huntoon:

“The folks in San Diego County, in general, get it,” he said. “They understand that it’s important to provide a healthy business-friendly environment for businesses in order to generate the sorts of tax revenue that you need to pay for city services.”

The Survey’s index includes business license fees and taxes, sales and property taxes, hotel taxes, development impact fees and economic incentives. To view excerpts of the Rose Institute study or to order the full report, visit the Kosmont-Rose website.

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