St. Sen. 19: Strickland leads by 2,141

California’s State Senate district 19 is another example of County elections officials posting more up to date results than are available from the Secretary of State. The district is comprised of territory in Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County, and Ventura County. Democratic candidate Hannah Beth Jackson led Tony Strickland in the early counts, but Strickland has now taken the lead as counting continues.

According to the Secretary of State’s website earlier this morning, Strickland leads by 1,560 votes. But numbers gathered directly from the three counties in question show that Strickland’s lead is now up to 2,141 votes. Strickland now leads 50.3 percent to 49.7 percent.

The different results from the different sources is yet another example of why one question desperately in need of review before California’s next election is how the data reporting can be improved between the counties and the Secretary of State.

If Strickland holds on to win this election, Republicans in the State Senate will avoid losing even a single State Senate seat in either 2006 or 2008, despite the national Democratic landslides in both of those elections. The net for Republicans in California this decade will remain +1 in the State Senate, as Republicans picked up a State Senate seat in the 2001 redistricting / 2002 election.

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