Prop 11 margin continues to grow

The Secretary of State’s update from late Monday morning shows Prop 11’s margin contiues to grow. With another 165,000 ballots counted since Friday evening, the Yes on 11 margin grew by another 4,274. Yes on 11 now leads by 186,167 votes — nearly double its margin on election day — and the Yes percentage is solid and steady at 50.8 percent. By our count, there are about 1.1 million ballots left to count.

Among the latest ballots counted, 17.2 percent were blank on Prop 11. Among the rest, 51.6 percent voted Yes and 48.4 percent voted No. The new ballots came from seven counties.  The largest batches came from Solano (34,000 new ballots, 54% yes), San Joaquin (26,000 new ballots, 52% yes), Ventura (7,700 new ballots, 54% yes), Orange (5,600 new ballots, 53% yes), Monterey (4,900 new ballots, 46% yes), Kings (1,450 new ballots, 47% yest), and Nevada (908 new ballots, 55% yes).

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