Proposition 11 Campaign Critizes State Senate President Don Perata

According to PolitikerCa, members of the campaign for Proposition 11 recently criticized California State Senate President Don Perata in a press release and suggested that they have a debate about who has a “hidden agenda.” The press release was written by Jeanine English, president of the California AARP and one of the original backers of Proposition 11.

The supporters of redistricting measure Proposition 11 called this week on outgoing state Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata (D-Oakland) to debate them about a “hidden agenda” that a campaign opposing the measure – and funded by Perata – has accused the measure of concealing.

“It’s our opinion that Senator Perata’s backroom deals and attempts to raise money to defeat this reform is what constitutes the real hidden agenda,” said Jeanine English, president of the 11-supporting California AARP, in a press release.

“We should take it to the people of California to decide whether we have the hidden agenda or whether it’s Senator Perata with the hidden agenda,” she said in the release.

Paul Hefner, a spokesman of the group Citizens for Accountability, a detractor of Proposition 11, fired back in response that the hidden agenda is to provide benefits for politicians.

“Prop. 11 is just another scheme by politicians who want to give themselves more power by putting bureaucrats they appoint in charge of redistricting,” [Paul] Hefner wrote in the e-mail. “It’s not about reform, it’s about changing the rules to lock in their power – and lock out their opponents.”

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