Pitney on McCain's Suspension of Campaign

In a recent article by Trend News Agency of Azerbaijan, Professor Pitney is quoted on the subject of McCain’s suspension of his campaign in order to be in Congress for any bills that attempted to remedy the current financial crisis. Pitney thinks the moves could pay potential dividends.

According to the American political scientist John J. Pitney, stopping pre-election campaign, McCain considered that the Americans will give preference to the candidate who pays more attention to the crisis.

“Although the overall situation favors Obama, people will probably approve of McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign for the time being.  Most Americans would rather have the candidates working on the crisis than giving speeches and broadcasting commercials,” Pitney, Professor at Claremont McKenna College, author of book The Art of Political Warfare, told TrendNews via e-mail. It does tell us that McCain is willing to take surprising decisions that keep his opponents off balance, he said.

Unless and until congressional action calms the financial markets, the overall situation will probably benefit Obama, the political scientist said.

It tells us that Obama is a highly disciplined campaigner who prefers to stick to his plans, he added.

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