LA City Leaders and Law Enforcement Endorse Proposition 11

According to, a group of Los Angeles City and County political leaders, including the County Sheriff and District Attorny, as well as the City Controller, recently endorsed proposition 11.  They claim the initiative will help to bring law enforcement priorities to Sacramento.

 “As a County Sheriff, I know firsthand how state budget stalemates and the dysfunction in our Legislature impacts public safety,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca in a press release. “Prop. 11 will help end that gridlock and dysfunction in state government and give power back to voters to vote out elected officials when they do not produce results.”

Baca was joined at a pro-11 event in Los Angeles on Wednesday by City Controller Laura Chick, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, and the presidents of several peace officer unions in the Los Angeles area.

The group noted that over 1,700 organizations and individuals, including many in public safety, have endorsed the measure. Proposition 11’s principal backers are Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Common Cause, and the state AARP.

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