Dueling Opinions of Proposition 11 at the San Francisco Chronicle

On the same day recently, the San Francisco ran an editorial in support of Proposition 11 with an opinion piece against the initiative. The editorial suggests that the future of democracy is at stake with proposition 11.

 A vote for Proposition 11 is a vote for democracy itself.

It would end a very undemocratic process in which state legislators are allowed to draw their own political boundaries. In other words, politicians are allowed to choose their own voters – and, with the help of computer technology, they do it with brutal efficiency. It helps explain why 99 percent of state legislators and members of Congress were re-elected in the past decade.

The opinion piece, written by Robert Balganorth of the State Building Construction and Trades Council of California, bemoans the complexity of the initiative:

California needs political reform, but Prop. 11 is a phony.

It’s complicated and confusing, relying on a 12-step political process to choose who draws legislative districts, and it won’t treat every part of the state equally. Many communities will have no representation at all. There’s no guarantee, for example, that the Bay Area will have even one seat at the table when district lines are drawn.



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