Editorial at North County Times in Support of Proposition 11

The North County Times of Escondido has recently written an editorial urging its readers to support Proposition 11. In a year when there are many prominent propositions on the ballot, they call Proposition 11 the most important one of all:

Of all the state propositions to be decided by voters this election, none is more important than the redistricting measure, Proposition 11. It deserves the backing of every Californian concerned about the state’s financial future; it has ours.

The measure is no panacea for all that is wrong with California, its annual budget snarls and the gridlocked Legislature. It will take more than changing how legislative districts’ boundaries are crafted to end the yearly Sacramento squabble over how best to spend (or not) taxpayers’ money. It also will take time and additional reforms. But redistricting reform is the critical first step.

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