President of California AARP Says Poll Show Need for Redistricting Reform

According to a recent article at, Jeanine English, the President of the California AARP, which is founding supporter of the measure, says that a recently released Field poll shows a need for redistricting reform. She says that with voter satisfaction so low for the California Legislature, its time to try another way of drawing districts:

 Jeanine English, state president of the 11-backing AARP, said with only 15 percent of all state residents approving of the legislature’s performance in the poll, voter dissatisfaction is a common thread.

“Clearly the people of California are unhappy about the fact that the Legislature has failed to deliver on the state budget 74 days after the start of the fiscal year, not to mention the lack of progress on health care reform, water infrastructure and the list goes on – it is time for serious change,” English wrote in a press statement.

English and other backers of Proposition 11 said the problem lies with overly partisan legislators who come from districts drawn to favor one party or another.

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