Bloomberg Supports Voters First

New York City Mayor and former Democrat, now independent Michael Bloomberg has donated $250,000 to the Voters First redistricting reform initiative. Elizabeth Benjamin at the NY Daily News has the inside scoop with this quote from Bloomberg:

“What (Schwarzenegger) is trying to do is to have a fair, non-political way of districting for elected officials, and if he can get that done there maybe, just maybe, our Legislature here would do the same thing.

And when he called and asked me would I contribute, and he’s got plenty of other contributors, I thought about it and talked to him and I thought, ‘You know, if they can do it in California – California, incidentally, was the state that started the no-smoking initiatives and we’ve copied that and that’s really helped here. Maybe if they get redistricting done there on a nonpartisan basis we would do it- we could do it here.”

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