Tony Quinn Speculates on Voter Reaction to CA Abortion Ballot Measure

From Bill Ainsworth’s article in the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Tony Quinn, co-editor of the California Target Book, which analyzes state politics, said the vote in favor of parental notification declined in 2006 because Republicans made up a lower percentage of the electorate.

Quinn, who was hired by Planned Parenthood to study results in the two campaigns, said the measure would fare better in the June primary election, which is expected to have a lower turnout than the November general election.

“Proponents are running this in the worst cycle they could run it in,” he said.

Short contends that private polls show that a majority favors parental notification, if it includes the new provision allowing girls to bypass parents they accuse of abuse.

Quinn is skeptical.

“The problem is getting that point across to the public,” he said. “It doesn’t seem like a technical change will persuade many voters.”

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