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Rose Fellow Doug Johnson on Ballot Designation Challenges

On March 23rd, the San Bernardino Sun published an article titled “Ramos funds legal action against opponent Derry, seeking removal of term ‘businessman’.” The article centers on the request of a supporter of Board of Supervisors candidate James Ramos’ for a judge to order Ramos’ opponent, incumbent Niel Derry, to remove the word businessman from Derry’s ballot statement. 

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Rose's Johnson on hiring former city clerks for elections

On November 29th, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune ran an article titled “La Puente selects former city manager to run city’s election” regarding the debate over bringing back a controversial city figure to conduct La Puente’s first city-run election. The article cites fellow Doug Johnson, referring to him as a “local government expert”.


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2011 State Ballot Initiatives: Results and Implications

Seven states held off-year general elections on Tuesday, and four of these—Mississippi, Maine, Ohio, and Washington—featured initiatives on their ballots. Initiatives are distinct from referendums in that they are put on the ballot directly by the people, whereas referendums are placed on the ballot by legislatures. Of the nine initiatives featured in Tuesday’s elections, voters… Continue Reading

Elections versus appointments of local county officials

Popular election of most government officials is an important feature of American democracy. The merits of electing versus appointing particular officials, especially on a localized level, are widely debated. Some argue that holding elections for those in non-representational positions such as County Clerk or Treasurer needlessly politicizes a position and deprioritizes the required quantitative skills. Others point to the need for transparency, contending that the appointment of office-holders by those within the government encourages bureaucratic cronyism. Elections can ensure that officials are attuned to the general population’s concerns and desires.

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Rose's Johnson on Latino turn-out

A recent article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune cited Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson on Latino turn-out in the 2010 midterm elections. Published on April 29, the article is titled “It’s Politics: San Gabriel Valley’s Latino voters could surprise.”   Johnson says, “We’re definitely seeing more and more Latino population and more and more… Continue Reading