Rose's Johnson on Latino turn-out

A recent article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune cited Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson on Latino turn-out in the 2010 midterm elections. Published on April 29, the article is titled “It’s Politics: San Gabriel Valley’s Latino voters could surprise.”


Johnson says, “We’re definitely seeing more and more Latino population and more and more voters, but because of age, citizenship and just generally lower participation rates, Latinos are still lagging behind other ethnic groups…It will be interesting because I think the different communities of the San Gabriel Valley will vary considerably – because the Latino communities of some San Gabriel Valley cities are long-established: third- and fourth-generation, while others are new arrivals…I would expect they’d have similar trends to other similar communities elsewhere,” he added.


Johnson concludes, “The polls are all over the place and very hotly disputed…So it’s a very important picture but one we’re all really struggling to focus.”

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