Rose Fellow Doug Johnson on Campaign Donations

On March 9th, the La Canada Valley Sun published an article titled “Obama, Romney cash in locally”. The article discussed the donation habits of Southern California residents to Presidential campaigns in 2011, quoting Rose Institute Fellow Doug Johnson.

Nearly 700 residents of local cities donated more than $1 million to candidates in 2011. “La Canada and San Marino have long been reliable sources of Republican campaign cash. Once you give once, you are far more likely to give again, and La Canada and San Marino both have long histories of giving,” stated Johnson. Pasadena, Burbank, and Glendale residents were also amongst the top spenders.

Johnson proceeded to explain why, along the same line of thinking, Glendale finished fourth in presidential donations; a city with a recent influx of immigrants and new voters is less likely to provide campaign cash than a smaller city with a history of giving.

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