Student Staff

The Rose Institute stresses a high level of interaction between student Research Assistants and faculty. In student’s research in areas relating to state and local government, students and faculty work side by side. Students receive guidance and instruction from professors, fellows, and research associates experienced in the operations of both the public and private sectors. While every student has experience working with faculty members and senior staff on an individual basis, the Rose Institute student staff is overseen by senior student managers.

Tim Plummer ’17 – Student Manager 2015-2016

Tim Plummer'17_8580 (1)Tim Plummer is a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major from Upland, California. At the Rose, Tim manages content for the website, including the Rose Report, and conducts research on fiscal problems in California. On campus, he is also involved with Model UN and the Debate Union. When Tim isn’t studying or working at the Rose, he enjoys spending his free time reading books on foreign policy, playing racquetball, meeting new people, and eating mozzarella sticks at the Hub. He spent the fall semester in Amman, Jordan.

Tyler Finn ’17 – Associate Student Manager 2015-2016

TylerTyler Finn is from Atherton, California, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. At the Rose, Tyler manages the Burnweit Database Project and spends too much time analyzing Census data. On campus, Tyler also works for the Office of Admission and is involved with the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College. After college, Tyler plans on attending law school and working in Washington D.C. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, spending time outdoors and bickering with fellow research assistant Charlotte Bailey about politics. He spent the fall semester in DC.

Harry Arnold ’17

HarryHarry Arnold is a senior hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, majoring in Government. Although he is a proud Southerner and has enjoyed his time in the land of Dixie, he is first and foremost a native Texan, and plans to return to the Lone Star State for law school after graduating from CMC. On campus, he is the managing editor of the Claremont Independent and works as a political engagement coordinator at the Center for Civic Engagement. At the Rose, he leads the Miller-Rose Institute Initiative Database and researched for the Viewpoint Research Polling Project. He spent the Fall 2015 semester in Washington DC, interning for Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL).


Lanie Corrigan ’17

LanieLanie Corrigan, a Portland, Oregon native, is a senior Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major at CMC. At the Rose, Lanie has conducted criminal justice and legal research. She would like to continue to expand her understanding of the legal system and its effects, which she began to develop while working at a Portland public defender’s office after her freshman year. On campus, Lanie also works as a Lead Consultant with SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting, and plays violin in the Claremont Concert Orchestra. She spent the fall semester abroad.


Ben Fusek ’17

Ben Fusek'17_8556Ben Fusek is a senior hailing from Eugene, Oregon, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Ben’s interest in government and public policy grew significantly after serving as president of his high school, as well as after his attendance of Oregon Boys State, a non-partisan hands-on governmental simulation program. At CMC, Ben is a member of SOURCE, a student-run nonprofit consulting organization. At the Rose, Ben has worked on database management and website creation as a member of the Technology Team, and spearheaded a project on fiscal analysis. He spent the Fall 2015 semester in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, working for Asia Pacific Investment Partners as a Business and Operations Analyst.


Francesca Hidalgo ’17

Francesca Hildalgo-Wohlleben'17_8540Francesca Hidalgo is a senior from the great land of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at CMC, Francesca intends on attending law school. Her Rose work includes helping manage social media, working as a member of the Design Team, and chasing all things law-related. When she’s not at the Rose, you can find Francesca eating ice cream, reading a book, kickboxing, or maybe even all three. She spent the Fall 2015 semester studying in Madrid, Spain.


Grace Lee ’17

IMG_8337Grace Lee is a senior from Buena Park, California, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Outside of the Rose, Grace founded Eunoia EduQuest, an educational organization working with local high school students of Pomona and Ontario with the mission to address the opportunity gap. Grace is passionate about community engagement and enjoys being involved in local campaigns. She envisions a career in public policy, addressing issues such as education and poverty. In her spare time, Grace enjoys reading C.S. Lewis and spending quality time with friends over meals at Scripps College. She spent summer of 2015 interning in Washington, D.C. at the American Enterprise Institute’s Government Relations Department.

Tamara Skinner ’17

TamaraTamara Skinner is a senior at CMC from Phoenix, Arizona, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. In high school, Tamara’s passion for politics led to her participation with the Junior Statesmen of America where she debated and discussed current events with other high schoolers from around the country. She later went on to found the Junior Statesmen chapter at her high school. Tamara has worked on local campaigns and enjoys participating in community service. At the Rose, she has worked on projects dealing with policy analysis and demographic research. After graduating from Claremont McKenna, she plans to study law. She spent the summer of 2015 interning at the Office of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

Josh Rooney ’17

JoshJosh Rooney is a senior from Memphis, Tennessee, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. At the Rose, Josh has worked on the Kosmont Cost of Doing Business Survey and researched demographic and fiscal trends in Riverside County. On campus, Josh is also actively involved with CMC’s Army ROTC program, competes as part of the Claremont Colleges Debate Union, and writes for the Claremont Law Journal. In rare moments of down time, Josh enjoys playing basketball, reading whatever he can get his hands on relating to government or economics, and talking with his little siblings back home. In the fall semester of 2015, he received the David L. Boren Scholarship to study at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Varun Dhananjaya ’18


Varun Dhananjaya is a junior from Bellevue, Washington, dual majoring in Computer Science and Economics. At the Rose, Varun currently manages the Burnweit Database Project and collects data for the Kosmont Cost of Doing Business Survey. Outside of the Rose, Varun is a part of CMC’s Model UN traveling team and works as a computer science tutor. When he’s not working, you can find him cheering on his Seahawks, expanding his eclectic musical tastes, or playing basketball. Varun spent last summer as an intern at Costco Wholesale.


Wesley Edwards ’18

WesleyWesley Edwards is a junior from Denver, Colorado, pursuing a degree in Government. At the Rose Institute, Wesley works as the Design Team Manager, coordinating publications and layouts, as well as a lead for the Miller-Rose Initiative Database, Crime Funnel Project, and Inland Empire Outlook. While not on campus, he is also an amateur photographer and enjoys traveling on his motorcycle. Wesley spent last summer as a Performance Analyst Intern for the City of Bellevue, Washington.


Katie Hill ’18

Katie-2461Katie Hill is a junior at CMC from the great Seattle area, majoring in Government. Throughout high school, she represented classmates in student government, worked on local campaigns, and was a member of her school’s Junior Statesmen of America chapter. Katie has worked on the American Community Survey, Southern California Almanac, and Three Strikes Projects. Outside of the Rose and classes, she can be found playing for the CMS lacrosse team and rooting for her hometown ‘Hawks. Katie spent the summer of 2015 as an intern at the Washington Policy Center in Seattle.


Shaneli Jain ’18

Shaneli-2533Shaneli Jain is a junior from La Cañada, California, majoring in Science & Management. Her passion for government originated in high school where she consistently participated in student government and served as the Student Body President. She enjoys traveling with her family, and in her free time, you can find her running, dancing, or eating chocolate. Over the summer, Shaneli worked as a healthcare analyst for Senator Dianne Feinstein in Washington D.C. She plans to pursue health policy and attend medical school.


Brian Landeros ’18

Brian-2459Brian Landeros is a junior at CMC from Phoenix, Arizona, majoring in Science & Management. In high school, he was involved with a variety of clubs and played for the varsity football and baseball teams. Prior to working at the Rose, he served as a fellow for the Fred Duval for Governor of Arizona campaign. You can find him speeding around campus on his longboard, jamming out to Chillstep during long study sessions, or getting never-ending seconds at Collins Dining Hall. Brian worked as a Summer Analyst at Aspiration Investments, a LA-based company at the intersection of finance and technology.


Ellen Lempres ’18, Communications Director

Ellen-2520Ellen Lempres is a junior from Berkeley, California, majoring in government at CMC. Ellen spent her freshman year of college at George Washington University in Washington, DC.  While at GW, she interned at several political organizations as well as at C-SPAN. After gaining experience in DC, Ellen decided to make the move back to California to study government at Claremont McKenna. She is very excited to be able to continue pursuing her political interest at the Rose and CMC.  Outside of the Rose, Ellen can be found enjoying the California sun. 


Melissa Muller ’18

Melissa-2489Melissa Muller is a junior from Pleasanton, California, majoring in Government. She found her love of public policy by competing on her high school competitive civics team and is thrilled to be working with the Rose Institute this year. As Content Manager, Melissa enjoys managing the website and creating infographics. She also works on the Primary Elections Database and collects data for the Kosmont Cost of Doing Business Survey. In her free time, find her practicing her German, playing tennis, and scoping out restaurants around Claremont. Melissa spent summer of 2014 as a Legislative Affairs Intern at the California Governor’s Office in Sacramento.


Shivani Pandya ’18, Data Manager

Shivani-2482Shivani Pandya is a junior from Sugar Land, Texas, considering a dual-major in Government and Economics. Her interest in government and public policy grew significantly after interning for a mayoral reelection campaign. In her free time, Shivani enjoys watching her beloved Packers win, reading books about World War II, and watching anything created by Joss Whedon. Shivani spent summer of 2014 in her hometown, working at the oil and gas technology company Nalco Champion as a Strategic Growth Intern.


Caroline Peck ’18

Caroline-2506Caroline Peck is a junior from Carlsbad, California, interested in studying Government at CMC. At the Rose Institute, she has researched demographic data through the Southern California Almanac and published a paper on primary elections. On campus she is involved in the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College Senate, and when she is not studying, Caroline is watching her favorite movies and making mac and cheese.


Lindsay Burton ’19

BurtonLindsay Burton is from the local area of Redlands, California. She plans to dual major in Government and International Relations. When she is not training and working on her latest project as a new Research Assistant, Lindsay is an active student-cadet of the United States Army ROTC.


Nicholas Fedorochko’ 19

Nick-2527Nick Fedorochko is a sophomore from Bridgewater, New Jersey, planning to dual major in economics and government. At the Rose Institute, Nick is undertaking an independent research project and collaborating with other new hires on the Kosmont Cost of Doing Business Survey. Outside of the Rose he is involved with CMC Mock Trial and ASCMC. Nick also plays the upright bass, loves to ski, and has a mild caffeine addiction. While he loves the California sun, he misses indulging in authentic New Jersey porkroll egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches.


Alec Lopata ’19

Alec-2558Alec Lopata is a sophomore from Deerfield, Illinois (just think Chicago, it is easier!), planning on majoring in Government. Before joining the Rose, Alec worked on two local campaigns, for State Senate and US Congress, and in his State Senator’s district office. He also loved doing fundraising for the American Cancer Society. When he is procrastinating on his work, you will find him re-watching West Wing, playing FIFA with friends, or trying to find the best food around the 5Cs. 



Bryn Miller ’19

Bryn-2541Bryn Miller is a sophomore from Sudbury, Massachusetts planning to major in International Relations with a focus on Spanish and Arabic. She is interested in increasing the accessibility of information about politics and the news. On campus, she is planning to get involved with the CMC Forum and run for the CMS track team. When she’s not working, you can probably find her at the Scripps pool. 



Kate Ridenour ’18

Kate-0805Kate Ridenour is a junior from the greater Chicago area, dual majoring in Government and Economics. In high school, she was involved with student government, Model UN, and the Youth and Government program. At the Rose she has compiled data for the Kosmont Cost of Doing Business survey, and outside of the Rose she competes on the Model UN team, works in the Bike Shop, and serves as a student senator. In her free time, Kate enjoys training for triathlons, reading The Week magazine, and following runway fashion shows.


Richard (Skip) Wiltshire-Gordon ’19, Content Manager

Skip-2553Skip Wiltshire-Gordon is a sophomore from leafy Wilmette, Illinois, interested in studying Government at CMC. In high school, he was involved in municipal and state politics, working on several different political campaigns over two election cycles. Skip spent last summer working at the district office of his Congresswoman, performing constituent services for fellow residents of his district. In his free time, Skip enjoys reading political news from The New York Times, tossing around a frisbee, and honing his table tennis skills.


Zachary Wong ’19

Zach-2562Zach Wong is a sophomore from Chicago, IL.  He is interested in majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at CMC. His interest in government stems from his desire to create positive, substantive change, and he felt that the Rose Institute is the place through which he could best do this. Outside the Rose, Zach can be found halfway up a mountain on his bike, debating with the Model UN team, or trying to take “sick pics” in any number of places.