Rose’s Johnson on Census Data at KPBS Radio

A March 14th piece at KPBS radio quoted Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson discussing how the new California census data is likely to affect future electoral districts. The article was titled “Census to Change Electoral Lines.”

Johnson says that even though the state did not grow as quickly as it has in the past, California will likely see a lot of changes to its electoral maps due to the new redistricting process. He says, “The combination of the census data and the voters’ creation of the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will fairly radically change the Assembly, the State Senate and Congressional maps…We’ll have an all new plan.” Johnson does concede that some districts will not see as much change, in order “to reflect the interests of the voters living there more accurately.” As an example, he cites the percentage of Hispanics in the state which has gone from 32% to 38% over the last decade. In San Diego County alone, Hispanics are now almost a third of the population, whereas they were only 27% in 2000.

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