Rose Fellow Johnson on Slowed Growth

A recent article at the Whittier Daily News quoted Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson discussing the slowing growth in the San Gabriel Valley and Whittier area. Published on March 19th, the article is titled “Census numbers show population growth stalling in San Gabriel Valley, Whittier area.”

The census data from 2010 shows that the area grew by less than one percent over the last decade, whereas it grew by almost eight percent in the 1990s. Johnson says, “This is definitely new…The flow of immigration from other states and countries into California has nearly stopped after a more or less continuous flow of immigrants since 1849. Most of the growth now is from births.” Johnson also notes that the slowed growth could lead to less representation in the State Legislature or in Congress. He says, “(But) the San Gabriel Valley is so sliced and diced that it may not mean very much…If we see more community-oriented districts, then representation for the (Valley) could improve despite the lack of growth.” He concludes with the note that at least “You’re not adding more traffic to the local streets.”

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