Illegal Immigration and Reapportionment

The Impact of Undocumented Populations on 2010 Congressional Reapportionment, a study from the Connecticut State Data Center (CSDC) at the University of Connecticut has, for good reason, received a wave of press recently.

As Mike Swift’s fascinating Mercury News article reports:

Illegal immigration is channeling political clout to California and other border states from the Northeast and Midwest, according to a new report that predicts that California’s undocumented population will account for two of its 53 seats in Congress following the 2010 census.

Some California blogger commentary below the jump.

California Conservative: “…it makes things dicier for Democrats.”

Michael Williams: “Expect to hear more about this now that illegal immigration is a national issue and we’re getting closer to reapportionment.”

VDARE on Michael Williams.

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