Online Commentary on Latest Redistricting Initiative

As noted in the previous post, the Rose Institute has advised AARP, Common Cause, and the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce on redistricting issues. The three groups proposed a new redistricting reform initiative today. Click below for a round-up of online commentary.

Rick Hasen of Election Law:

Unlike other recent measures, I think this one has a reasonably good chance of passing if supporters spend enough to qualify it for the ballot and, if it qualifies, to defend it against expected relentless attacks by those who would stand to lose under the measure.

Edward Still of VOTELAW:

Rick thinks this has a chance of being adopted. But I wonder if there will be a real change in the arrangement and balance of the districts if there has to be a tri-partisan agreement on the plan.

John Myers of Capitol Notes:

The initiative, filed by Kathay Feng of Common Cause California and Jeannine English of the AARP, would establish an independent citizens commission to draw state legislative districts.

It would not, however, have the new commission draw federal congressional districts — leaving that power with the Legislature.

Sean Barry of The California Majority Report:

While fading in the legislature, support for redistricting reform has not completely diminished this year. . .Their proposal offers a combination of application and random selection but could suffer from similar flaws to other reform proposals.

Bill Cavala of the California Progress Report:

While the press corps allows any measure that removes authority from the Legislature to be called as “reform”, this particular proposal isn’t what it purports to be.

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