Grants and Funding

Other donors have contributed to endowment for the continuing benefit of the Institute’s students and programs. Many student managers and project leaders have served as Margaret Martin Brock interns or J. Cleveland McKenna student researchers. Gifts and guidance from Donald McKenna and Priscilla Fawcett were important at key points in the Institute’s development. A generous endowment provided by Marian Miner Cook supports the student research team. Contributions from members of the Board of Governors have opened up further opportunities for our students and assisted research of many kinds. Mr. Ralph B. Woolley has inspired and underwritten a series of studies of San Diego schools and local government and recently provided grants to study redistricting reform. Mr. Richard Cramer made generous grants to support work on Riverside County. An endowment created by Mr. Frederick Hibberd continues to provide income in support of our programs. Dr. Leroy Hardy, who was long senior associate of the Institute made generous gifts of endowment, books, and redistricting archive materials.

Grants from foundations have supported some of the Institute’s most significant research. The Ford Foundation made generous grants in support of work on South Central Los Angeles and on Latino population and politics. The Haynes Foundation supported general research on representation as well as Professor Leroy Hardy’s important bibliographical work on redistricting. More recently, the Haynes Foundation has supported the Institute’s archiving project. The Earhart Foundation contributed grant support to several faculty and staff. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation and the Girard Foundation funded work on public finance. The Keystone Group founded a landmark analysis of manufacturing job loss in California, which for the first time, analyzed the demographics of manufacturing in the state.

Contract Research
Contracts are an important source of Institute funding from which students also learn valuable lessons. Especially noteworthy contracts in the Institute’s recent history included: research on representation conducted for the California Roundtable; work on juvenile justice codes performed by Dr. Ralph Rossum for the US Department of Justice; fiscal analyses of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and Monterey Counties, and fiscal analyses of public school systems by Dr. Steven B. Frates; and our survey and data work for the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership and the San Fernando Economic Alliance.


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