First 8 CA Commissioners are a Well-Educated Group

The first 8 people chosen for California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission are a well-educated group. All 8 hold both a bachelor and a graduate degree.

Three hold MBA’s: Dai (Stanford), Yao (Claremont’s Drucker School) and Barabba (UCLA).

Three hold JD degrees: Raya (UC Davis), Forbes (Vanderbilt) and Filkins-Webber (Whittier).

Commissioner Galambos-Malloy holds a Masters in Community Planning (MCP) from UC Berkeley. And Kuo has a Ph.D. from UCLA in “Higher Educational and Organizational Change.”

Their undergraduate degrees are from UC Berkeley (Dai), Northwestern (Kuo), USC (Raya), UCLA (Forbes), La Sierra (Galambos Malloy), Cal State Northridge (Barabba), UC Riverside (Filkins Webber), and SUNY Buffalo (Yao).

In our running competition among the college systems, UC is well ahead as five of the eight earned either an undergraduate or graduate degree from a UC school.

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