The 40 Finalists For AZ Redistricting Commission

Arizona’s redistricting commission selection authority, the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments, today whittled its list of 79 applicants for the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission down to 40. Those 40 will now be invited for interviews before the Commission selects the final pool of 10 Democrats, 10 Republicans, and 5 Independents.

Those names will then go to the legislature, where each of the 4 Legislative Leaders will choose 1 redistricting commissioner. Those 4 (2 D, 2 R) then select and Independent to serve as Chairman. Note that among the 4 appointed by legislative leaders, no more than 2 may reside in any 1 county.

Here is the list of the 40 invited for interviews:


Marcia J. Busching (Maricopa County)

Robert L. Cannon (Maricopa County)

Frances B. Dickman (Maricopa County)

Luis A. Gonzalez (Pima County)

Eric B. Henderson (Navajo County)

Jose M. Herrera (Maricopa County)

Michael Kuby (Maricopa County)

Linda C. McNulty (Pima County)

Lawrence C. Mohrweis (Coconino County)

William G. Roe (Pima County)

Mark D. Rubin (Pima County)

S.L. “Si” Schorr (Pima County)

Jimmie D. Smith (Yuma County)

Kimulet W. Winzer (Maricopa County)

Marshall A. Worden (Pima County)


Paul Bender (Maricopa County)

Raymond F. Bladine (Maricopa County)

Doug Campos-Outcalt (Maricopa County)

Catherine Castle (Maricopa County)

Adolfo P. Echeveste (Maricopa County)

Kimber L. Lanning (Maricopa County)

Coleen C. Mathis (Pima County)

Timothy W. Overton (Maricopa County)

Margarita Silva (Maricopa County)

Linda Spears (Maricopa County)


Jim Bruner (Maricopa County)

Louis A. DeLeon (Maricopa County)

Scott D. Freeman (Maricopa County)

Christopher M. Gleason (Pima County)

Patrick McWhortor (Maricopa County)

Jeffrey D. Miller (Pima County)

Michael R. Perry (Maricopa County)

Crystal A. Russell (Maricopa County)

Mark E. Schnepf (Maricopa County)

Leslie A. Schwalbe (Maricopa County)

Susan F. Schultz (Maricopa County)

Stephen J. Sossaman (Maricopa County)

Richard Stertz (Pima County)

Lynn Werner (Maricopa County)

Benny E. White (Pima County)

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