LA Weekly on Proposition 27’s Hiding Supporters

Los Angeles Weekly is out with an enlightening story about California’s Proposition 27 — the measure that would abolish California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission before the Commission is even formed. The article begins:

With Election Day near, UCLA law professor Daniel Lowenstein is a lonely man. As spokesman for the widely pilloried Proposition 27, he hasn’t got powerful California politicians Howard Berman or Nancy Pelosi, who both back it, to actually pitch the measure. Proposition 27’s billionaire supporter Haim Saban — now said to be embarrassed that he funded it without grasping the fine print — doesn’t talk with him.

The article also mentions the recently-released documentary Gerrymandering (which includes an interview with Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson and uses numerous maps produced by the Institute), noting “Filmmaker Jeff Reichert’s current documentary, Gerrymandering, depicts redistricting as a sleazy process indistinguishable from corruption. Bill Mundel, who founded Californians for Fair Redistricting and is that film’s executive producer, calls the practice ‘the perfect crime.'”

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