Politico Piece on Redistricting in Ohio

On October 28th, a few days after the Rose’s publication of its complete series on Ohio redistricting, Politico followed up with a similar piece which adds a few interesting thoughts to the discussion.

In an article titled “GOP’s Ohio redistricting quandary,” writer Richard E. Cohen discusses how Ohio Republicans may be in too strong of a position when redistricting comes around, hurting their more freshmen congressmen. Cohen quotes executive director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Michael Sargeant as saying “if Republicans are in control, they could reduce to three or four the number of Democratic seats in Ohio, by packing Democrats into urban areas.” Politico brings up another possibility: Republicans may win so many seats in November that they will be forced to eliminate one of their own come redistricting. If that forecast comes true, Ohio’s newly-elected first-year Republicans may find themselves scrambling to save their districts in 2011.

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