Rose Fellow comments on redistricting commission regulations

Today was the deadline for members of the public to comment on the California State Auditor’s office recently proposed regulations governing how the initial eight members of the Citizens Redistricting Commission would select the additional six members of the Commission. The Auditor’s proposed regulations and supporting documents are available from the State Auditor’s website.

Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson, who has been closely following the Commission selection process, provided generally supportive feedback on the proposed regulations. While endorsing the regulations on administrative support and the application of open meeting rules to meetings of the initial eight commissioners, Mr. Johnson expressed some concern about a regulation that would limit the definition of “public office” to offices that are either elected or that pay at least a $5,000 salary or a $100 per diem. Mr. Johnson’s full letter is available here.

For those interested in the Commission selection process, the next meeting of the Auditor’s Applicant Review Panel is scheduled for June 11th. On the agenda is “Applicant selection and reduction of applicant pool.” This will be a significant step in the panel’s process of narrowing the applicant pool from its current 4,546 to the 120 the panel will invite for interviews.

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