Major Donor Changes Mind on California Redistricting Reform

As reported by the Los Angeles Times on April 12th, entertainment executive and major Democratic party donor Haim Saban recently donated $2 million to the “Yes on Fair” initiative, a political advocacy group led by Representative Howard Berman that wants to overturn Proposition 11.  Proposition 11 was passed by California voters in 2008 and created an independent commission for legislative redistricting instead of the usual process where the lines are drawn by the state legislature.  Saban’s donation to the Berman initiative represents more than just money, because Saban gave $100,000 to support Proposition 11 in 2008. Something must have changed Saban’s view of redistricting reform over the past several months for him to go from being a supporter of Prop 11 to a major donor to the campaign to repeal Prop 11.

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