Tony Quinn on The Political Implications of Population Changes in California Since 2000

Tony Quinn, member of the Rose Institute’s Board of Governors, blogs on Fox & Hounds about the political implications of the population changes in California as reported in the Rose Institute’s report “The 2010 Census: Congressional Reapportionment.”

From the post:

“The biggest problem Democrats face is the slow population growth in the San Francisco Bay Area. The entirely Democratic Bay Area districts are nearly a full district under populated. It is nearly impossible to push these districts outward to gain the needed population, so the Democrats will be forced to collapse one of their districts in the Bay Area.

The most likely victim is 78-year-old Rep. Pete Start (D-Fremont). Collapsing his district will solve the population problem and will allow Democrats to play some games. They will pull Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Pleasanton) westward to absorb some of Stark’s Democrats, thus making his marginal seat safely Democratic. They will also be able to move GOP Rep Dan Lungren’s marginal Sacramento seat into Yolo County, making it into a Democratic seat. Lungren’s GOP base can be combined with the neighboring district of Rep Tom McClintock (R-Placer), setting up a GOP primary between Lungren and McClintock for the remaining district.”


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