The Press-Enterprise Covers the Rose Institute’s Redistricting Conference

From Thursday’s The Press Enterprise:

“The enormous population growth in the Inland region over the past decade entitles it to more representation in Congress, a new study concludes.

But how that will happen is far from clear, experts said Thursday at a redistricting and census conference.

It could take the form of a new Inland-centric seat. Or the region could play host to fingers of districts based to the west and south.

It depends on the politicians who will be in charge of drawing new congressional maps after the 2010 census, according to the report by Claremont McKenna College’s Rose Institute of State and Local Government.

“It’s a big question mark of how they’re going to address it,” said Douglas Johnson, a Rose Institute demographer and one of the report’s authors. Johnson said one way would be to eliminate a district elsewhere and create an Inland-centric seat.”


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