Wed 7pm Prop 11 Update

While we have called the results for the Yes on 11 side, the official vote counts continue to roll in. We will probably cut back to a daily update, and even then only when there are significant numbers of ballots to report.

In that spirit, here is the combined results of the 4pm and 7pm Secretary of State updates, plus the additional Riverside votes noted earlier:

Counties reporting new counts: 
Santa Barbara, San Mateo, Sacramento, Orange, Fresno, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Trinity, San Francisco.

New ballots counted: 166,812
Blank: 22,297 (13.4%)
Yes: added 77,746 new votes (53.8%)
No: added 66,796 new votes (46.2%)

New total Yes: 5,335,890 (including Riverside’s votes not yet reported to the Secretary of State) [50.8%] New total No: 5,163,263 (incl. Riverside) [49.2%] New margin: 172,627 [the highest recorded to date]

Estimated ballots remaining to be counted: 1.55 million
Percentage needed by the Yes side to win: 45.0 percent (down from 45.2 percent this morning)

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