Friday 7pm – First major update is good news for Prop 11

The first major update held good news for Prop 11 supporters: 395,494 new votes counted and they split 53.5% yes, 46.5% no, with 13.6% leaving their ballots blank.

This is the first change in overall percentages for Prop 11, moving Yes up one click to 50.7% and No down to 49.3% (from 50.6 and 49.4%). Yes votes now lead No votes by 131,159.

The trends are looking good for Prop 11, though the number of uncounted ballots continues to grow (now 2,738,731).

Another good sign for Prop 11 supporters is an uptick in support from LA County. As LA County counts more votes, its support for Prop 11 is increasing: from 47.1% this morning to 47.4% as of 7:05pm. That’s a big swing given the overall small number of ballots counted today.

The Yes side now needs to win only 47.4% of the remaining ballots, while the No side needs 52.8%.

If that 13% blank number continues, the Yes side gets even closer to victory (47.4 vs 52.8% is calculated using 12% blanks).

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