Proposition 11 is Back by Steve Poizner and California NAACP

According to the website, California Insurance Commissioner and recently announced California Gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner, as well as the NAACP California State Conference have endorsed the Proposition 11 effort. Poizner Said:

“Elections are for voters to choose their elected officials,” Poizner said in his release. “The current system eliminates fair and competitive elections by allowing elected officials to choose their voters. This must end.”

Politiker also notes the importance of The California NAACP’s endorsement:

The endorsement from the NAACP state conference is significant because many ethnic groups have expressed concern that Proposition 11 could hurt their chances of representation in state political office.

The conference noted that newly drawn districts will have to comply with the federal Voting Rights Act, which is designed to protect minorities from disenfranchisement in elections.

“Prop. 11 will give voters in all communities a strong and united voice so our elected officials will have to listen to us and really work to effectively address the issues we all care about,” said Alice Huffman, President of the California NAACP, in a press release about the endorsement.

You can find the press release from the NAACP here.

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