San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Blog on Why Editorial Boards Love Proposition 11

In an fairly unique opinion in the recent debate over Proposition 11, Chris Reed argues on the blog of the San Diego Union Tribune’s editorial board that editorial writers want Proposition 11 to pass so that they can have more interesting interview session with potential candidates. He says the complacency of candidates that parties put forward make for pretty lame editorial board meetings with them.

So why do editorial boards around the state so pine for Proposition 11? I have my own theory: because of all the candidate interviews edit boards do every two years in which they meet the hopelessly unqualified candidates the parties offer up in the races they can’t win because of rigged districts.

Editorial board members may be cynical, but we want to be impressed by these long-shot outsiders. Instead, we see a dreary parade of people who are lightly informed at best. Most are well-meaning and nice. Some are cocksure Ross Perot it’s-that-simple types who pretend there are easy answers to vexing problems that are inexplicably being ignored by the people in power.

But whether they’re pleasant or arrogant, I’ve yet to hear a single underdog candidate for a state legislative seat in a rigged district offer anything but platitudes about the budget.

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