New Redistricting Reform Advocacy Group

According to a press release shown on the blog Votelaw, a new group named Americans for Redistricting Reform has formed to advocate for reform of the redistricting process. The group is an umbrella organization for various groups involved in the redistricting process including the Brennan Center for Justice, The Campaign Legal Center, the Committee for Economic Development, Common Cause, The Council for Excellence in Government, Fair Vote, the League of Women Voters, The Reform Institute, Republican Main Street Partnership and U.S. PIRG. Common Cause and the League of Women Voters have been working as part of the Voters First Initiative supporting Proposition 11 in California. A selection from the press release is below:

In conjunction with the web launch, numerous advisory committee member organizations sent a letter today to the House urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader John Boehner to hold hearings on pending redistricting reform legislation introduced in the first year of the 110th Congress (the full letter is below).

The letter asks House Leadership to take action on reforming the redistricting process before the post-2010 census round of redistricting gets underway. The letter notes that redistricting reform will bring about more transparency and an expanded role in the process for our citizens, and will help ensure that competitiveness, accountability and fair representation remain healthy parts of our democratic process.

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