SEIU Will Not Take a Position on Proposition 11

According to a statement posted on the California Majority Report, the Service Employees International Union will not pick a side on the subject of proposition 11. The union, which had previously been considering coming out in support of Proposition 11, has decided that its interests are best represented by not take a stance. Considering that the SEIU is a traditionally Democratic leaning group, the fact that they have defied California Democratic leadership by staying neutral is notable.

To achieve these goals, we must first fix our broken political system. There are many steps involved in that, one of them is developing a new approach to drawing legislative districts that is transparent and puts an end to protecting the status quo by putting the needs of Californians first.

However, Proposition 11’s approach to reapportionment cannot guarantee to fix our broken system. Instead, we urge Legislative leaders to commit to work together, across party, geographic and demographic lines, to develop a real solution, a meaningful first step to changing the way Sacramento works for all Californians.

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