Dr. Pitney on Assemblymember Nell Soto

From Monica Rodriguez’s article in the San Bernardino Sun:

Jack Pitney, professor of government at Claremont McKenna College, said party leaders can approach an Assembly member to see if the person wishes to continue in their seat.

While Soto recovers, steps are being taken to make sure her staff is invited to sit in at any necessary meetings and all legislative activities, he said.
The public often mistakenly thinks elected officials carry out much of the day-to-day work in their offices personally, Pitney said.

In reality, a large part of the work – including things such as answering correspondence and meeting with constituents – is handled by members of their staff, he said.

“But at some point you need the (legislative) member. … And most important, for the vote on the floor,” Pitney said.

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