Dr. Pitney on Portantino, Calderon, and the Next Speaker

From Fred Ortega’s article in the Whittier Daily News:

Portantino is still not likely a favorite for the speaker post, said Claremont McKenna College politics professor Jack Pitney.

“But at this point he has a reasonable chance,” Pitney said. “He is very well connected both in his professional and personal life, and that is very important in political and fundraising networks.”

Pitney still gives Calderon a better chance at the speakership. He notes his veteran status – he served in the Assembly and Senate before term limits were enacted – and is now again a freshman assemblyman, like Portantino. And his reputation as a business- friendly moderate should help him, despite the Legislature’s dominance by liberal Democrats.

“It is not as if California Democrats are averse to business, and if they are looking at a pragmatic problem solver, Calderon is a very good contender,” said Pitney. “Because of his business connections, he has a substantial claim.”

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