Our Steadfast Goal: Redistricting Reform

Steven Maviglio asserts (and he insists he is “not making this up” – always a dead giveaway) that redistricting is being sold to California voters “as the way to balance the budget, solve immigration problems, and create a fair tax system.” And he insidiously links this selling to what he spuriously calls the “right-leaning Rose Institute,” which he claims is being looked to by the “Governor’s representative” “to help draw the legislative maps.”

I am the Rose Institute Director, and this is news to me; however, I would be delighted to speak to the “Governor’s representative” or to anyone else – even Mr. Maviglio – who is willing to retain our services to draw these maps, but on one condition.

They must be as committed as we are to advancing what has been our steadfast goal for the past 35 years: namely, to put in place a redistricting scheme that will ensure that California’s voters are able to select their elected representatives – who can then honestly address such critical issues as the budget, immigration, and taxes because they actually represent the views of their constituents – and thereby scuttle the California Legislature’s long-standing commitment to gerrymandering (on either a partisan or bipartisan basis) our Assembly, Senate, and Congressional district lines in such a way that our elected representatives are able to select their voters.

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