Rose Institute Mentioned by Governor

Steven Maviglio at the California Majority Report has the low down on the new way redistricting reform will be presented to the voters.  See especially the last sentence, referring to the Rose Institute:

Partisan redistricting will get new packaging — After six straight times being rejected by voters, political consultants are wrapping redistricting as the cure-all for all the state’s problems. Instead of trying to sell the overly complicated and flawed “Voters First” proposal as what it is, redistricting will now be sold as the way to balance the budget, solve immigration problems, and create a fair tax system. I’m not making this up. As if redistricting has solved any of those problems in the states where independent commissions have been in place. The business community wants more Republican seats, and is ready to back this proposal with all its might. Also interesting was the governor’s representative saying that it may look to the . . . Rose Institute to help draw the legislative maps.

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