Poizner, Term Limits, and Redistricting…

Dan Walters’ latest column in the Sacramento Bee on potential 2010 gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner:

poizner.jpgPoizner headed Schwarzenegger’s unsuccessful drive in 2005 to reform legislative and congressional redistricting and says that opposing Proposition 93 stems from the same reformist bent, pointing out that legislative leaders failed to make good on their promises to overhaul redistricting while pushing ahead with a self-serving term limit change.

Poizner’s involvement in the opposition campaign ramps up pressure on Schwarzenegger to follow suit. The governor has said he didn’t support loosening term limits but could tolerate it were it part of a package that included redistricting reform – an attitude generally adopted by the state’s business community as well.

Poizner’s MySpace blog could use a little updating.

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