California [local] Elections Data

Sacramento State Center for California Studies

Sacramento State put out an interesting press release yesterday in an attempt to inform people of the California Elections Data Archive at the Center for California Studies:

Sacramento State’s California Election Data Archive makes it a lot easier to track voting trends in local races. Now, if only more people knew about the service.

The project, launched 12 years ago as a partnership between the University’s Center for California Studies and the Institute for Social Research, and the Secretary of State’s Office, collates and analyzes the results from local elections in 58 counties, 475 cities and more than 1,100 school and community college districts. If someone needs to know how many school bond measures passed last year, or what the incumbent re-election rate is, the archive has the information they need.

You can find the data—from 1995 to 2006—free and online here.

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