Dr. Steven Frates in Victorville Daily Press

From an op-ed in today’s Victorville Daily Press:

“The important thing is that it’s a turning point,” said Steven Frates, senior fellow at the Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College. “The magnitude and scope has yet to be determined.”

Mr. Frates cited several keys to maintaining the momentum of reform. Gov. Schwarzenegger needs to appoint reform-minded officials to the state boards and commissions that interpret workers’ comp laws. Also, Mr. Frates said, we’ll have to watch to see if the people who “scam the system” figure out new ways to do so, or are “resigned” to the reforms and don’t scam as much.

And most important is what Mr. Frates called “the shootout over redistricting,” which, if done properly, could bring more moderate Democrats who back workers’ comp reform to the Legislature.

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