Another Redistricting/93 Editorial

Visalia-Times Delta editorial:

Proposition 93 is also the classic bait-and-switch. It gained petition signatures and lawmaker support to be placed on the ballot because it was combined with promises of redistricting reform.Redistricting reform never happened, but Proposition 93 is on the ballot anyway. And so it goes.
The problem is, lawmakers are in charge of drawing the lines, and they know a good thing when they have it. Until independent, nonpolitical interests take charge ofredistricting, don’t expect it to happen.

It was supposed to happen this year, but lawmakers reneged on their pledge to enact redistricting reform once Proposition 93 qualified for the ballot. We would have been more comfortable endorsing Proposition 93 in conjunction withredistricting.

As it is, we will support 93 and hope redistricting occurs down the road.

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