Dr. Pitney on CA Republican Primary

From Ina Jaffe’s NPR report:

Jack Pitney, government professor at Claremont McKenna College, says Republicans are afraid that in districts with relatively few GOP voters the independents might engage in “mischief voting.”

“They might vote maliciously to support the weaker candidate and thereby control the general election outcome,” he says adding, “There is very little evidence for mischief voting. For the most part ordinary voters just don’t decide that way.”

From a CBS 2 report:

John J. Pitney, a Claremont McKenna College government professor, told City News Service that he expects Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, to challenge McCain on illegal immigration.

“That would be a significant issue among California Republicans,” Pitney said.

McCain, an Arizona senator, drew scorn from many fellow Republicans last year and sank in the polls for his support of legislation that would have liberalized immigration laws. The bill’s failure has helped McCain,Pitney said, because had it passed, McCain’s support of it would be far more conspicuous.

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